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Notifications of Public Hearings

Post Date:04/10/2017 8:47 AM

Driving around Columbia County you may find Public Hearing Signs out in yards, on right of ways, and in front of buildings. Have you ever wondered how you can find out more information about the Public Hearings? 

Under the "How do I" section of Columbia County's website ( you can find a section labeled Notifications of Public Hearings. By clicking on this option, it will redirect you to a page filled with information about Public Hearings going in front of the Planning Commission (Orange Pins), Board of Commissioners (Blue Pins) or Public Hearings that have already been presented (Black Pins). 

By clicking on one of the pins, you can learn about that particular hearing. An address of the property will be displayed as well as the request for that particular piece of property. The request could be what is being asked by a particular person or business in the form of a variance or other proposal. It will provide the reader an opportunity to access the full report and see when it is scheduled to go before each Commission (Planning and/or Board of Commissioners). The display box will also show the action chosen by the Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners as approved or denied. 

The Public Hearings page also provides map navigation and the ability to zoom in and out of a particular piece of property. 

This feature provides a wealth of knowledge for the citizens of Columbia County. Take some time to navigate the site and learn all about the features it offers.

 To view the webpage, click on the link below.

Notifications of Public Hearings