Operating Business in Columbia County

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Welcome to Columbia County and Thank You for Your Business

When operating a business in Columbia County there are three departments that require completion of various forms in a timely manner:  Licensing and Permits, Tax Assessor, and Tax Commissioner.  To help better serve you the following is a brief description of what to expect from each area and what will be required from you:

Licensing and Permits:  An Occupation Tax Application form (commonly referred to as a business license) must be submitted and requires the payment of an occupation tax.  The application will be reviewed by multiple departments and typical takes a week to approve.  For additional information please call 706-868-3420 or visit their website Licensing and Permits Department.

Tax Assessor:  In January, following the issuance of an occupational tax, you will receive a Personal Property Return form from the Tax Assessor's Office.  Please visit the forms library to locate the appropriate form.  In May, you will receive an assessment notice.  If you desire to appeal this value you have 45 days to do so in writing.  For help in completing any of the forms or with the deadline constraints please call 706-312-7474 or visit their website Tax Assessor.

Tax Commissioner:  If applicable, you will receive a Personal Property Tax bill in August for payment due by November 15th.  For additional information, please call 706-261-TAXX (8299) or visit their website Tax Commissioner .

Thank you for notifying us when your business has a change of status such as:
Change of Business Ownership
Change of Business Location
Change of Business Mailing Address
Closing a Business