Absentee & Early Voting

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Citizens may cast an absentee ballot by mail or in-person.

Absentee Voting by Mail
Absentee ballots will be issued through the mail beginning 45 days prior to the date of the primary or election.  Any eligible voter whom would like an absentee ballot mailed to them must submit a request in writing to the Board of Elections office.  The request or application must state the voter's name, address, date of birth, the date of the election for which the voter is requesting a ballot, and the voter's signature.  (During a Primary Election, the application must also state the voter's party preference.)

A voter who requests an absentee ballot by mail is not required to provide a reason why he or she is voting absentee.  Voters may submit a request for an absentee ballot by mail as early as 180 days before an election to ensure that your ballot is issued, received and returned in a timely manner.

In order to receive an absentee ballot through the mail, a voter must first apply in writing by completing and submitting an application.

The Georgia application for an absentee ballot may be downloaded here: Application for Absentee Ballot

(please note - if non-partisan is selected - you will not have party affiliated candidates listed on your ballot)

For Military and Overseas Voters, an application for an absentee ballot may be downloaded here: FVAP

The application may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Board of Elections Office at:

Columbia County Board of Elections
P.O. Box 919
Evans, GA  30809
Fax:  (706) 868-3358

Military~Physically Disabled~65 Years or Older Voters:
Voters may choose to submit one application and receive a ballot for all elections to be held during the year.  Voters are reminded to make sure to check the box for all ballots on the application.

Special Note:  A seperate application must be made for the Presidential Preference Primary due to a party preference being marked.

How to return an Absentee Ballot:

  • Absentee Ballots may be returned through the U.S. Mail.
    • Mailed ballots must be at the Evans Post Office before 5:00pm on Election Day.
  • A voter may hand deliver their own ballot to the Board of Elections office during normal office hours and until 7:00pm on the day of the election.
  • Family members may hand deliver a ballot for a disabled person to the Elections office during normal office hours and until 7:00pm on Election Night.
  • Unless a voter is disabled, each individual must mail or deliver their own ballot.  A ballot may not be handled by anyone other than the individual to whom it was issued (not even spouses).

Early/Advance Voting (In-Person Voting)
In-Person Voting for primaries and elections will be available beginning the 4th Monday prior to the date of the primary or election.  Saturday voting is offered as well for primaries and elections on the 2nd Saturday prior to the date of the election. 

In-Person Voting and Saturday Voting will be available in the Board of Elections Office during regular office hours during the time specified by law for primaries and elections.  In addition, for many primaries and elections, the Board of Elections will open additional voting sites on the final week before the election for Advance Voting.  A detailed schedule for Advance Voting and Saturday Voting for specific primaries and elections will be posted on the Board of Elections main page. 

Voters whom vote in-person during the early voting process must provide one of the following 6 forms of photo identification required under Georgia law:

        (1) A valid Georgia driver's license, even if expired;
        (2) Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID;
        (3) Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, 
              Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state;
        (4) Valid U.S. passport ID;
        (5) Valid U.S. military photo ID;
        (6) Valid tribal photo ID;

*If a citizen does not have one of the above acceptable forms of photo ID, the State of Georgia offers a FREE Voter ID Card that can be issued by the Board of Elections office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  More information on Georgia's Voter Identification Requirements and obtaining a free Voter Identification Card is available at the Georgia Secretary of State's Website.

No absentee ballots will be issued, nor will there be in-person voting on the Monday preceding the date of the election.  For more information call (706) 868-3355.