Pollution Prevention

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

                                                                             - Benjamin Franklin



You are the solution!

Polluted stormwater run-off has been identified as the nation’s primary cause of water quality problems. 

Rain, also known as stormwater run-off, that flows across rooftops, lawns, streets, and construction sites collects various forms of pollutants and washes them into our creeks and streams.  

Even a small amount of sediment/dirt, oil and grease, fecal coliform from animal feces, pesticides and fertilizers, lawn clippings, trash and debris, and heavy metals from the roadways can cause significant pollution.

Very often, it is thought that stormwater run-off flows into the sanitary sewer and to the water treatment plant so that it can be treated before it is released into surface waters.  It actually enters into our surface waters untreated through our storm drains. 

Each pollutant that enter our rivers, streams, and creeks can harm the natural aquatic habitat, and can end up in our drinking water.  A significant portion of Columbia County’s drinking water supply comes from surface water sources such as the Savannah River, Clark’s Hill Lake, as well as local creeks and streams.

Now that you know the facts, how are YOU going to help eliminate pollutants before they enter the system?

Together, as the citizens of Columbia County, we can help eliminate pollutants before they harm us.  Visit the links below for more information on how you can help!

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If you observe any illegal dumping, please email our Customer Service Department or contact our office at 706-855-RAIN (7246).