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Only Rain Down The Drain Please!

 The River Is Closer Than You Think...

Stormwater is dedicated to protecting your surroundings and natural resources.  The river begins at your front door...even if you live miles from the nearest water source, you may be polluting the water without realizing you are. Pet waste is a high level pollutant when the waste is not disposed of properly.  Fecal bacteria from animal waste lowers the water quality.  Please ensure that when caring for your pets, to clean up your animal's waste and dispose of it properly in a garbage can.  Please carry pet waste disposal bags with you on all outings and be prepared to assist in protecting your environment at home or on the go. Thank you for your help!

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We Are Now Offering Environmental Presentations On:

  • The importance of water and protecting our natural resources
  • Basic ways that everyone can help prevent stormwater and water  pollution
  • Watershed and Water Cycle basics
  • Flyover views of our area's watershed
  • Enviroscape table top model demonstration of pollutant impacts on our landscapes
  • Presentation topics and length can be tailored to your needs (generally 30 to 50 minutes)

To check availability please email:

Stormwater Environmental Public Education Coordinator - Margarete Alligood -  706.447.7727 


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