County History

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Columbia County was created from Richmond County on December 10, 1790 by the General Assembly (click here to see the original Ga. Law documents from 1790).  We were the 12th county created in Georgia and named for Christopher Columbus.  The area was first settled by Quakers who refused to fight in the Revolutionary War, Baptists, and others. Our boundaries originally included the northern portion of Richmond County.  After the war, however, many new settlers moved into Georgia’s backcountry – which soon led to pressure to move the county seat from Augusta to a more central and convenient location.  The matter was finally resolved when the legislature decided to divide Richmond County into two counties. In February 1792, the property for the Columbia County Courthouse located in Appling was purchased (click here to see the indenture from 1792). Shortly thereafter, on December 19, 1793, the legislature created Warren County from western portions of Columbia County (click here to see the original Ga. Law documents from 1793).  Nearly three quarters of a century later, on October 18, 1870, our boundaries changed again when even more areas of western Columbia County were used to create McDuffie County (click here to see the original Ga. Law documents from 1870). 



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Historic Maps from Galileo's GeorgiaInfo (click here to see their webpage).