Information Technology (IT) facilitates the Technology and Data Management requirements for Columbia County to best serve its Employees and Citizens with PRIDE, both internally and externally.

Application Support Team

We are responsible for application support, application implementation and development, business analysis, and database management services to our customers.

Business Administration Team

We are responsible for providing administrative support to the other four Information Technology teams. This support includes strategic planning, project management, budget management, and  procurement management. The team also manages cell phones, pagers and radios issued to various county agencies.

Customer Service Team (CST)

We are responsible for desktop support, audio visual systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems and Service Desk.  Incident entry and resolution, supporting and assisting County users technology requests, desktop imaging, computer equipment setup, maintenance and setup of access control systems, as well as setup and maintenance of video surveillance systems are the responsibility of the CST.

Network Communications Team (NCT)

We are responsible for the core of the County’s data network. This responsibility includes design and support of all Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) equipment. This support includes the design and implementation of both hardwired and wireless network equipment. NCT is responsible for network security, IP Telephony, and for monitoring network utilization.

Server Support Team (SST)

We are specially trained to ensure that the Data Servers at Columbia County operate at peak performance and efficiency via: Server Security Audits; Server Usage Loads; Data Systems Disaster Recovery; Data Redundancy Mitigation; Critical Security Updates; Routine System Software Updates; Designing and Implementing new Data System Architectures; and End-User Support. The SST is also directly responsible for the physical installation, configuration, support and maintenance of all physical and virtual servers as well as the installation of all required software suites and applications that support County business. 

The IT support staff places a major emphasis on departments that have direct interaction with the public. The “customers” IT supports fall into three categories:

  • Public – citizens, businesses and external government agencies

  • Constitution Offices – funded by the Board of Commissioners

  • County Departments – that report directly to the Board of Commissioners

 IT supports more than 800 customers located at multiple Columbia County locations. Customer support services are provided remotely and on-site depending on severity of incident. IT also provides on-call support 365 days a year to support emergency services.