SPLOST Accomplishments

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Your 1 Cent Sales Tax at Work


SPLOST Accomplishments
Intersection Improvements:
Baston Road at Martinez Blvd.
Club Car at Washington Road
Columbia at Lewiston/Hereford Farm
Evans Locks at Columbia Ind. Blvd
Evans to Locks at Industrial Blvd.
Evans to Locks at Blue Ridge Drive
High Mast lighting at I-20 & Belair Rd - Interchange
Kuhn Circle
Martinez Indus. Blvd at Old Evans - extended radius
Miles Road
Mullikin Road at North Belair Road
North Belair at Hwy 28
Oakley-Pirkle Road at Belair
Old Belair Lane Intersection
Old Evans at Blue Ridge Drive
Old Evans at Old Petersburg Road
Old Trail at Flowing Wells Rd
Park Lane/Inverness Way at Hwy 28
Ronald Reagan Dr at North Belair Rd
The Pass at Hwy 28
Vaughn Rd. at Hwy 28
Washington West at Washington Road
William Few at Washington Road
Willie Daniels Drive at Blanchard Road
Wrightsboro Road at Horizon East

Other Accomplishments:

Mullikin Road Sidewalk, Ph I, II & III

Washington Road Widening at Goodwill      

South Old Belair Road Sidewalks Cox Road Sidewalk
Crosswalk replacement on Ronald Reagan Drive Offsite Storm & Sewer on Chamblin Road
Bus turn-around on Westport Road William Few Parkway Extension, South
North Belair Road Widening Improvements Partnership Drive
Gateway Boulevard Reynolds Farm Road Culvert
Columbia Road Sidewalk


Dirt Road Paving Accomplishments:

Adelia Drive
Anderson Road
Apple Lane
Baker Place Lane
Bill Dorn Road
Blue Ridge Drive
Boat Ramp #1
Boat Ramp #2
Bohler Road
Boller Road
Boulder Court
Brad Mary Lake Road
Buff Drive
Bumpus Rd
Burks Mountain Road
Burns Road
Byrd Road
Calloway Road Ext.
Canterbury Lane
Carver Court
Cemetery Road
Clark Drive
Cobb Road
Collins Road
Conn Road
Cooper Road
Cottonwood Drive
Craig Drive
Crawford Place Road
Cummings Road
Deercrest Drive
Dent Road
Dickson Drive
Dodge Lane
Dogwood Trail
Dorsey Road
Douglas Road
Dunn's Court cul
Faircloth Drive
Forrest Court
Forrest Drive
Freeman Drive
Freeman Harris Road
Full Moon Drive
Gales Road
Garden Court

G. R. Tucker Road
Granada Court
Granderson Road
Grant Road
Hagin Road
Halali Farm Road
Hamilton Road
Harding Court
Hardy Road
Haywood Drive
Harlem Grovetown Road
Hinton Wilson Road
Hunt Road
Huntington Drive
Intermediate Road
Jennings Road
King Road
King Taylor Road
Kings Way
Kiokee Drive
Knob Hill Farm Road
Kuhn Road
Lanatte Lane
Legion Drive
Leitner Mill Road
Linder McCurdy Road
M & M Road
Mack's Road
Madison Drive
Mahoney Drive
Marshall Road
Martinez Com. Ctr Road.
Meadow Hill Drive
Meadows Road
Miles Road
Mill Creek Lane
Mims Road
Miramar Drive Extension
Mistletoe Woods Drive
Moonmist Road
Moontown Road
Moontown Drive, East
Morningside Drive
Morris Calloway Road

Nathan Jones Road
Natures Way
North Old Belair Road
Old Berzelia Road
Old Furys Ferry Road
Old Thomson Road
Old Washington Road
Old Winfield Road
Parnham Road
Pine Needle Road
Pine Ridge Road
Pony Circle
Post Oak Road
Postell Drive
Prescott Drive
Rachels Drive
Rance Perry Road
Randolph Drive
Rolland Road
Ronda Court
Robert Drive
Rockford Drive
Sam Baston Drive
Sandy Run Road
Sankin Road
Sharon Drive
Smith Crawford Road
Spooner Drive
Stag Antler Road
Stanford Road
Story Drive
Suan Drive
Sugarcreek Drive
Sullivan Hartfield Road
Summit Ridge Road
Terrace Drive
Tolbert Drive
Veterans Drive
West Fieldstone
Wildwood Drive
Willie Daniels Drive
3-J Road