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Q:  Which roads are not maintained by the County?
  The County does not maintain any privately-owned roads (or driveways) or the following state-maintained roads:
  • Appling Harlem Road (Hwy 47/221)
  • Belair Road (Hwy 383 - from Washington Road to Wrightsboro Road)
  • Bobby Jones (Hwy 520)
  • Cobbham Road (Hwy 150)
  • Columbia Road (Hwy 232)
  • Fury's Ferry Road (Hwy 28)
  • Gordon Hwy (Hwy 78)
  • Interstate 20
  • Lewiston Road (Hwy 388 - from Columbia to Wrightsboro Road)
  • Scott's Ferry Road (Hwy 221)
  • Washington Road (Hwy. 104)
  • Wrightsboro Road (Hwy 223 - from Grovetown to Thomson)

Q:  Who do I call to have a dead animal removed from or alongside the road?
  Animal Control - (706) 541-4077

Q:  I need to have a driveway installed. What is the procedure to do so?
A:   A Driveway Repair/Replacement Policy was adopted on September 2, 2014 by the Board of Commissioners stating the County does not direct owners in determining the construction standards or material needed for a driveway.  It is up to the landowner to purchase material and install a driveway and to maintain the driveway after installation.  The only time the County will replace or repair a driveway is when work is required to repair utilities within the County's right-of-way.  See attached driveway policy.

Q:  A tree fell across the stream behind my house. The stream also has a lot of trash and weeds in it. It needs to be cleaned out. Who is in charge of this?
A:  Contact Stormwater at (706) 855-7246

Q:  Who should I contact to discuss installation of a new traffic sign on our street?
A:  Contact Traffic Engineering at (706) 868-4223 (Traffic Engineering).  To replace an existing sign contact Roads & Bridges at (706) 541-1143.

Q:  Who should I contact if a traffic signal or school zone light is out or is not functioning properly?
Contact Traffic Engineering at (706) 868-4223.

Q:  Our street light is out or is obstructed by tree limbs. Who do I call?
A:   If the street light is out, contact Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938.  If the light is obstructed by a tree limb contact Roads & Bridges at (706) 541-1143.

Q:  Who is responsible for the mowing of right-of-way in the County?
A:   Roads & Bridges is responsible for the mowing of right-of-way on county maintained roadways.

Q:  How do I find out if my road is on the list of roads to be paved?
A:   Any questions concerning paving of dirt roads or resurfacing of existing paved roads need to be directed to the Road Construction Department (706) 447-7600

Q:  How can I tell the difference between a sewer and a storm drain?
A:   A sewer (top) is usually located in the middle of the road and has no type of drainage from the road whereas a storm drain is usually located at the curb and water is able to drain into it. A storm drain can also be located at the back of property.

Q:  What department is in charge of spraying for mosquitoes?
A:   The County does not currently have a program to spray for mosquitoes.

Q:  How often are dirt roads scraped?
A:   When the motorgrader crew stays on route, dirt roads should be scraped approximately every 2 weeks. However, due to inclement weather, machinery malfunctions, etc., this is not always the case. If a complaint is received on a dirt road, it is checked. If the manager or supervisor feels special attention is needed, a crew will be sent to work on the road.

Q:  What is the procedure for reporting damage to a vehicle caused by rocks or other objects coming from a county vehicle?
A:   Stop immediately and call the Sheriff's Office (706) 541-2800 and have an incident report written up. The time of the incident, the address at which it occurred and the County truck number involved needs to be given to the officer. After all paper work has been completed, contact the Risk Management office (706) 868-3363 with an incident report number.