Stormwater Utility

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A Department of the Engineering Services Division

 The Stormwater Utility office is located at
630 Ronald Reagan Dr
Building A, East Wing
Evans, GA  30809

For drainage complaints, please call 311 or (706) 855-RAIN (7246).

For general inquiries or questions about your stormwater account: please call our office at (706) 855-RAIN (7246)

Click here to see information and pictures of current and past projects including Stormwater projects.

For more information concerning the stormwater utility fee please see our information packet.

REMINDER: Already applied for Stormwater credits will expire at the end of June. It is the property owner or HOA/POA's responsibility to submit the appropriate Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report (Appendix C-1 or C-2) annually to continue receiving credit. Failure to submit the required information will result in discontinuation of the credit on the next billing cycle.

For information regarding the increase of the stormwater fee, please view this article.

Did you know that because of impervious surfaces like pavement and rooftops, a typical city block generates more than 5 times more runoff than a woodland area of the same size?



In urban and suburban areas, much of the land surface is covered by buildings and pavement, which does not allow rain and snow melt to soak into the ground. Instead, most developed areas rely on storm drains to carry large amounts of runoff from roofs and paved areas to nearby waterways. Stormwater flows increase with urban development causing increased siltation and sedimentation, stormwater pollution, and flooding. The solutions to stormwater problems are complicated, far-reaching, and expensive. We are striving to acquire as much alternative (i.e., State or Federal) funding as possible.

Members of the Stormwater Utility Staff are dedicated to assisting the citizens with their problems. We pledge our hard work and resourcefulness to ensure the greatest cost-benefit for every dollar we receive from the citizens of Columbia County as well as from alternative sources of funds.