Special Operations Division

Crime Suppression Unit

The goal of the Crime Suppression Unit is to reduce crime in the county as identified through statistical crime analysis. This may be done by using overt or covert patrol techniques.

Selective Patrol

The Crime Suppression Unit may be utilized throughout the county in response to citizen complaints regarding, but not limited to:

  1. Gang intervention - investigation of reported activity
  2. Suspicious activity - investigation of habitual reports of specific areas
  3. Saturation Patrols - to reduce or prevent residential or commercial crimes in an identified area through saturation patrol techniques

Support of Other Divisions

The Crime Suppression Unit is a specialized unit designed to meet the needs as a support section for various units throughout the Sheriff's Office.

  1. Investigations - assist with surveillance for and arrest of suspects as developed.
  2. Vice and Narcotics - assist in drug interdiction with K-9 searches of vehicles and buildings. Assist in the service of narcotics-related search warrants.
  3. Patrol Division - assist the patrol division whenever and however required in order to aid them in meeting mission goals.
  4. Detention Center - assist the detention center as required or requested in order to maintain the peace and security of the facility.
  5. Unusual Occurrences - primary support unit, for the resolution of unusual occurrences that require the use of a multi-talented unit which does not fall into the category of Special Response Team, such as:
    • K-9 use for manhunts
    • Special security detail
    • Dangerous prisoner transports

Outside Agency Assistance

The Crime Suppression Unit provides outside agencies with assistance when requested, but not limited to:

  1. K-9 narcotics searches
  2. K-9 manhunts
  3. General assistance - assist any agency with specialized support as approved by the Sheriff

Traffic Unit

The goal of the Traffic Section is to provide traffic accident investigation services as well as county-wide and selective traffic enforcement. The Traffic Section schedules its deployment based on peak traffic times as identified through statistical analysis. Statistical analysis of traffic accidents will also be used in determining where and when saturated patrols will be used. Through the use of properly equipped patrol cars and motorcycles, the Traffic Section will provide the following services, as a minimum, to the citizens of this county:

  1. Voluntary compliance to speed limit laws
  2. Aggressive enforcement of DUI laws
  3. Traffic management surveys
  4. Accident investigations
  5. Hit-and-run investigations
  6. Traffic safety public service announcements
  7. Drivers education assistance

Deputy Wesley Mack

In Memory of Deputy Wesley Mack

End of Watch: July 12, 2004

Wesley Mack truly enjoyed his job as a Motor Officer and took pride in serving the citizens of Columbia County. He was happiest on his motorcycle and working any special assignment that involved children. He was honored to work for this agency and it was certainly our honor to have known him. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him and that famous "Wesley Mack smile."

Mountain Bike Patrol Unit

The goal of the Mountain Bike Patrol (MBP) is to perform patrol functions in the metropolitan areas of the county or in areas identified and approved by the Commander, Special Operations Division (SOD). The Mountain Bike Patrol will patrol as a two-member team concentrating on the business districts and adjacent parking areas. Additionally, the MBP will, as required and approved:

  1. Perform community education services to increase overall awareness of safe bicycle operation.
  2. Support the Investigations Division for:
    • Neighborhood patrols
    • Assist with search warrants
    • Provide assistance with surveillance approved by the Commander, SOD.
  3. Provide plain clothes surveillance in areas identified through crime analysis, in which bike officers would blend in with surroundings.
  4. Conduct boat patrol coverage on the lake

Vice & Narcotics Unit

The primary goal of the Vice and Narcotics Unit is the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal activity involving violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, illegal gambling and gaming devices, prostitution, and related offenses, sale, manufacture, or distribution of pornographic material, and enforcement of the alcoholic beverage law.


The overall objective of the Special Operations Division is, through aggressive enforcement, using a variety of deployment tactics; reduce the incidents of crimes against persons and property, verified through statistical analysis. Also, to promote an attitude of voluntary compliance and mutual respect with the citizens of our community.

  1. Crime Suppression Unit (CSU)
    • By proactive enforcement techniques, the Crime Suppression Unit will attempt to reduce crime within the county. The effectiveness will be measured by tracking monthly statistics for arrest, citations, and calls for assistance from various sections/division within the Sheriff's Office and request for assistance from outside of the Sheriff's Office.
  2. Traffic Unit
    • The objective of the Traffic Section is, through aggressive enforcement of traffic laws, reduce traffic accidents throughout the county, thereby reducing personal injury and property damage. This will benefit the citizens of this county by providing safer roads for travel and lowering insurance premiums.
  3. Mountain Bike Patrol
    • The Mountain Bike Patrol's primary objective is to aggressively patrol the Martinez/Evans business districts to reduce the incident of crimes against persons or property. This will provide a safe and secure environment in which the citizens can work and shop.
  4. Vice and Narcotics Unit
    • The objective of the Vice and Narcotics Unit is to develop and maintain an atmosphere wherein the citizenry of Columbia County are safe from threats of vice and narcotics-related crime.
    • The Narcotics Hotline number is 706-541-3910. You do not have to use your name.