The following are the zoning districts maintained by Columbia County. These fact sheets are intended to provide general information only and may not provide a complete list of allowed uses. Uses listed as limited must comply with additional standards found in Section 90-147 of the County Code.

Overlay Districts

Overlay Districts provide additional protection to high visibility areas of the County and require increased design standards. The requirements of these districts are applied in addition to the requirements of the underlying zone. The additional standards apply to any non-residentially zoned property within the overlay district.

Evans Town Center Overlay District

Evans Town Center Overlay DistrictEvans Town Center Overlay District was established to encourage the creation of a town center. This district has a unique identity that promotes linkages between public, medical, retail, and service uses. Encourages increased pedestrian activity, opportunities for diversifying land uses, and vehicular access to the district. The district is tied together by urban design features, such as lighting, coordinated signage, landscaping, as well as architectural compatibility requirements. For the complete design requirements in this district, see section 90-96 of the zoning ordinance.

Node Protection Overlay Districts

Node Protection Overlay Districts (NPOD) was established at major intersections where additional growth is expected and desired. The purpose of an NPOD is to encourage a unique identity with compatible uses and architecture reflecting regional styles. The design of these areas should be pedestrian scaled and promote pedestrian and bicycle accessibility. Like the ETCOD, these districts are tied together by urban design features. In addition, nodes are designed to concentrate commercial activity in desirable areas, making the best use of existing infrastructure and preventing sprawl. To see the complete requirements for the existing NPODs see section 90-100 of the zoning ordinance.

Corridor Protection Overlay Districts

Node Protection Overlay DistrictsCorridor Protection Overlay Districts (CPOD) was established along major arterial roads to protect these primary transportation corridors through standards for screening, landscaping, and aesthetics. These requirements are intended to create a unique character but also provide increased public safety by reducing distracting visual clutter for motorists. Like the other districts, these areas are tied together by shared urban design features. The complete requirements for the existing CPODs can be found in Section 90-99 of the zoning ordinance.

The complete zoning ordinance can be found in Chapter 90 of the Columbia County Code.

Zoning Verification Letter

A zoning verification letter is a formal document from the County that specifies the zoning of a specific property. The letter verifies whether a proposed use is permitted in that zoning district. These letters are required for some state and federal licenses and sometimes for refinancing or purchasing of a property.

Corridor Protection Overlay DistrictsA zoning verification letter can be requested by completed the following tasks:

  • Fill out the following Zoning Verification Application (PDF)
  • Email the completed application to the Planning Department or mail/drop off at the Planning Department
  • Pay the $25 application fee for each zoning verification request

For any additional information, please contact the Planning Department.