What is the County's bond rating and who determines this rating?

Columbia County continues to maintain strong bond ratings with the major credit rating services. In December 2016, the Government prepared comprehensive presentations for Fitch IBCA, Standard and Poor's, and Moody's Investors Service rating agencies in an effort to upgrade the current uninsured bond ratings applied to the Government in anticipation of issuing approximately $60 million in general obligation property tax bonds. The Government received the following ratings for its general obligation debt:

Rating AgencyPrevious Go RatingRevised Go Rating
Moody's Investor ServicesAa1Aaa (upgrade)
Standard and Poor'sAA+AA+

The Government currently has the following ratings for the water and sewerage debt:

Rating AgencyW / S Rating
Moody's Investor ServicesAa2
Standard and Poor'sAA+

These high ratings are a primary factor in keeping interest costs low on the Government's outstanding debt. The County will continue to follow prudent fiscal policies and practices in order to maintain its strong credit rating.

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